Brother and sister day

No phonecall
just to
say hi
No message just out of the sky

No flowers to send you
Not a day to say
I love you

No coffee
No cake
Just you and me in my heart
The love and grief tearing me apart

Instead of telling you
I whisper and say:
I still love you
And miss you every day

You are still the best,
the dearest of them all
Cause you were my sis (or your brother who can tell)

the most true, the most loving of everyone
Exactly right away
For me you are the most beautiful of all

And now I feel

Gratefull sad
Gratefull for you,
and the brother/sister I had

And one so dear like I just said

Right that also makes grateful sad
Because right now

I just miss that…
the best and dearest brother Or sister I could have had
(bron mij onbekend)